The Phoenix Guest House, Inc.'s first hospital hospitality house, to be located in Columbus, Ohio, will have ten patient rooms, plus common areas, to provide free, temporary lodging for commuting adult cancer outpatients and their caregivers.

We plan to:
1.) Buy land, then build our facility, from the ground up, based upon our commuting adult cancer outpatients/caregivers special needs and wants.
2.) Or, second choice, purchase an appropriate existing structure, which can be adapted to accommodate our patient population/caregivers.

We have the ongoing expertise of our project architect, who strongly advocates the 'buy land and build it' option...In the long run, he says it will be less costly. Furthermore, he indicates that we can get what we want...and, won't be burdened with the huge amount of time, effort and money it would take to remodel/renovate an existing structure.


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